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…the new era of digital business
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by sharing digital, not a paper business cards

What is ProCardApp?

ProCardApp is a digital business card and networking opportunity in one.

Create One or Multiple
Digital Business Cards
with the information of your business; contact info, website, links, social profiles and any representation materials of your work

Fast and Easy
with a touch of a finger your Digital Business Card will reach anyone in the world, the networking opportunities are endless

Never Run Out of
Business Cards
with this elegant and easy to use App you will save time, money, and aggravation of paper business cards. All your business information could be updated and stored in one App.

Create your Digital BusinessCard
and Go Green for a lifetime now
It takes a few minutes to set up and create a detailed business profile in ProCardApp, and by eliminating paper business cards you are doing your part and collaborate on a global scale saving our environment.

Sharing takes seconds
ProCardApp allows you to share your digital business card instantly with anyone.

Unlimited Free Business Network
The ProCardApp network allows you to promote and expand your business on a global scale, as well as empowers you to search, share, and rate other businesses to improve this friendly network.

How to create my Digital Business Card?

Setting up your Digital Business Card in ProCardApp could not be simpler.

The ProCardApp app will take you step-by-step on your pathway to digital business card freedom.  Simply fill in the forms, add your photos, include your links – and within minutes, your ProCardApp will be live and ready to be shared with the world.  Miss something?  No worries.  Your ProCardApp can be edited at any time quickly and easily.


How to share my Digital Business Card?

In just seconds ProCardApp allows you to share your Digital Business Card with anyone in the world

Simply type in a phone number, contact name, email address or allow other person to scan your QR-Code in ProCardApp and voila, Your digital business card has been shared.

Reviews & Rartings

We made it simple to leave reviews or rate other businesses. By leaving comments, writing questions or compliments to other businesses, You are doing part to strengthen the business community and expand your business reach.

Imagine you hired a plumber to fix your boiler, and you were blown away by the quality of his service.  Simply reach for the ProCardApp rating system and let the rest of the world know how incredible his work was. The plumber will be given the praise he deserves and build his digital reputation, which your name and profile will be shared with his network – further expanding your own networking reach.
It is the ultimate win-win.

ProCardApp messenger

with the ProCardApp messenger, you can stay connected with your contacts anywhere across the world.

What are you waiting for?

Download ProCardApp from AppStore or Google Play right now,
and Start growing your business & network without a limitations.

THE APP is free, but the connectivity is priceless.